Proud of myself because I am Beautiful in all means. Mounting my life in order to inspire others that dream. Bursting with bliss and compassion stirs the love in my heart for I am a believer and this you’ll know from the start.
Content in my mind for my potential is abundant; a song always in my heart like a memory that never fades. These lips speak what I cannot through a melody that enthralls, for song is an escape goat that captivates us all.
Amazing at being me, since there will certainly not be another. No one who has my smile or reads books from cover to cover. No one who can strut with sassiness like my own because Ebony is Ebony and who can beat that? Amazing at being me for the very reason I was created; to live out my life and please God every day.
May my smile be a blessing to all who come my way. If you did not know this now, please listen to what I say: I laugh in awkward situations, though I do not recall, the last time it was unacceptable to be happy at all. I praise because he’s worthy for my faith is not small, I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me when I call. I love so that animosity doesn’t exist in this realm. Love creates peace and peace thrives in the world. I dance for my soul and it then seems to breathe. For my doubts are uplifted and my heart is at ease.
Don’t lose who you are, never plunge into fear, be yourself and only that, cause in the end, it’s up to you. Up to you to alter your life, up to you to make decisions, up to you to take control and just start livin’. Ignore what is right, and do what is honest. In the end, the world will say, “this girl lived life to the fullest all the rest of her days.”
I, I am beautiful, I am free, I’m one in a million, I’m just being me
I, I am beautiful, I am free, no one can change this, I’m just being me


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