Fri, 10/17/2014 - 15:04 -- hm7809

It's like a rush of an adrenaline that penetrates my veins as I enter on stage.

One light.

One voice.

One night.

The music starts and I can feel the lyrics as they pass my lips as if it was written for me. My fingers grasp the mic and finally become alive. I'm one person yet someone different. Outside of the stage I'm the average girl that you would never pay attention too. I'd never cross your mind or pause in your eyes. My personality can't grab you to see who I am but when I'm on stage I own your eyes for 3 or 4 minutes. My lyrical style caresses your mind and your eyes for those few moments. The tones that escape from my throat can draw you in long enough to question who I am.

I am music and music is me, the living definition of an imperfect vision of the girl who could never receive attention but not to mention I'm only alive for that moment.

When the moment passes I go back to who I am when the music stops.

Then the adrenaline stops and my heart rate slows.

the lights dim and fade to black.

My voice stops

and the night is over

but I like the view from the top

and I'll never stop.

I'm just waiting for my one night, the one light and my sound to bite so I can become music and music can become me.


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