The Last Dance



Bobby pins, makeup and hairspray.

Costumes, tights and shoes.

Load the car, we’re out the door.

Warm up, stretch out and rehearse.

Not much time, we’re on the clock.

It’s already half past one!

Ballerina bun, glitter and stressing out.

Run through the number count by count.

Re Tying shoes and checking hair.

Give it your all. Its your last chance.

Step on the stage,

Hit your pose.

The curtain rises, my time has come.

Cue the music, cue the lights.

Begin my dance and forget my frights.

2 and a half minutes of fame

But don’t be ashamed

I did what I had to do.

You told a story,

The story of your journey.

Growing up a bun head,

And now its all gone.

My entire life is changed.


The last dance is all it took.


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