The things that make me happiest.


There are many things that make me smile,

Cheer, friends and things worthwhile.

The beach on a hot summer day,

hearing the laughs when children play.

I love to help and volunteer,

so those with little do not fear.


Two years ago I was blessed so much,

with a little sister I love a bunch.

I never thought I'd hear someone say,

"Wait for me sissy!" or "Can we play?"

She means the world to me, everything and more,

she makes me smile, and she's never a bore.


I also admire my number one,

my biggest fan, who I love a ton.

My amazing mother, keeping me strong.

The lessons she’s taught, right from wrong.

I’m beyond grateful to have her here,

in my life, making memories so dear.


These are the things I know to be true,

they make me happy, when I am blue.

The things I’ve learned, now make sense.

put the ones you love first, forget the expense.

Be yourself, and never rest,

because nothing is better, than your best.



Wow I really like your poem!! I felt the same way when my little sister was born :) good luck!♡


I like how you composed the poem in a way that can move an individual emotionally. The poem brings out flashbacks and good memories. Thanks for sharing.

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