Who Am I?

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 13:54 -- kkv96

According to Webster, passion is a noun,

It is a strong feeling of excitement for something,

It is a strong feeling that causes one to act in a dangerous way,

It is an attachment or devotion to something.


Generic answers would be: sports, clubs, activities, school

But using those answers would make me a tool.

It will be like talking about the weather,

But would that describe me all together?


Tennis player, volunteer, student, daughter

All words describing me, myself, and I

Grades, friends, charity, world peace

All words that list off my passions


But none of these words seem to fit me like a glove,

None of these seem to catch my eye like a shiny object,

But there is one thing that shines above,

Now that I think about it, there is something that I love.

Family, according to Webster it is a noun,

It’s a group of people, who are related to each other,

It is a group of people from a common ancestry,

It consist of children and spouses

But most importantly, it consists of LOVE


Love keeps me sane,

Love is like an anchor that helps me stay ashore,

So I’m not dragged out to sea

So I can see what needs to be seen

To evaluate my problems and to hold me when I’m sad


So if I am ever asked this question

This is my reply:

My world is centered on my family

Without them, I am nobody

They define me through culture and tradition

That I hold dearly to like a child holding her teddy

Any major milestone, I ask for their approval and permission

For family is number one

And life only gives you one

For everyday I am thankful—

To be alive in this beautiful world

To be able to live in the country of the free

To be able to earn a quality education

To be able to walk the streets without the ringing of gunshots

To be able to enlist in the army to serve my country

To be able to know that I can sleep in peace, knowing I will be alive tomorrow

To be able to achieve my dreams through anything I set my mind to—  

And so I’m proud to call myself an American.


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