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Surrounded by a sea of people, yet I feel listless. Succumbed with questions, "What is my purpose?" "Will my dreams ever come true?" "What do others think of me?' That last question seems unimportant to most people but reluctantly, it's important to me. Even though I say every day, "I don't care what people think, to hell with that, what only matters is my thoughts", I find myself thinking "How come this part of my remarkable life always appears at this time?" Second-guessing myself when I try to believe in myself, I get kicked in the stomach by life, losing my breath and essence, remaining voiceless, gasping for air to revive me and find myself in the ever changing spiral of life. My thoughts remain crowded by criticism from various places and time periods of my sixteen year old life. So I'm writing, speaking, and singing to lift my individual spirit to go on through life, living, and being me. So can you see? What only matters is your voice and thoughts, not my viewpoint of you or me. Knowing your brand and humane morals as a person is uplifting to the mind, body, soul, and spirits. This is my reason for keeping my head to the sky. 


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