This past summer

i never even wondered what will make me have success

cuz i knew the things i digested

will make me better than what the rest did

ima tell u regardless if you ask

ima person with class and awhole lot of cash

It happened within a flash of 4 years

ima basketball playa and my name is isaiah

im proud to say tht i cut hair at the finest seam

make poetry

n play basketball on the team

no one woulda seen what i could do

but i worked hard so i didnt need a clue


Im not tryna be a poet or a rapper

im jst waiing for the nxt chapter

where i can go to college

n keep my grades solid

n not fall into the trap

where everyone is sippin on the wrong cap

n partying till they fall in a nap

Being a barber was one of the harder things i learned

But somethin tht can never be stolen or burned

Cuz i took it to my soul

N turned my skill from 0 to a whole

N thts the reason my wallet doesnt have a hole

My life goal is to never be like the rest n help the less be the best

N fulfill my quest to help those be mentally fresh

I want to do psychiatry cuz i felt it applied to me

cuz i felt my whole life i was sitting in a tree

watching those on the ground fall

cuz they didnt know how to deal with what was around

What moves me!! I thank therest for never lettin me show u m best cuz u were the one who gave m the sight to lead me in the spotlight

But im not worrying about who was wrong

cuz im doing for those who were with me all along

i wnt u to read this aloud cuz

ull eventually see my name again wit a giant crowd

im not asking for people to bow

but to give me a towel

n acknowledge that i am proud

n think inside my cloud!!!


Thank you for listening to Isaiah Almighty Ford

P.S Theres a reason for my name


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