What's So Great About Summer?

So many people live for the summer.

“No school- no homework,” they say.

“Give me the beach- give me the sunshine,” they shout.

But I say, “No!”  I say, “Not me!”

So what- the classrooms are cold?

So what- there’s some work?

I’ll take a welcoming classroom over a judgmental poolside any day.

So let’s be honest here-

The only things you get from summer are sunburns, stares, and sloths.

 Because the burn of the sun could not compare

 to the lingering glares of the Barbie dolls

Because over the summer no one is thinking!

They are too busy primping and tanning-

            Well good luck to your future face then.

For me, summer means boredom.

There are only so many times you can read the same books.

However, don’t you dare say it out loud.

You must keep the secret that this is what you love:

The always open and inviting classrooms,

The warm rush of air as you enter the library,

The hum of excitement running through the halls.

No one can know that school is what makes you soar!

Because heaven forbid someone likes to think.

Oh, bless their heart, someone enjoys learning!

When in truth, these ideas should be widespread.

The idea that school is terrible has corrupted the minds of teens,

To the point that people like me are weird.

So forget that mentality-

I will shout it to the world!



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