The Girl Who Lacks Boredom

The time in her schedule isn't enough

So many things she loves to do it gets rough!

Homework is done in a flash-

Now it's time to turn on the console for some Super Smash

Hurry! Let's finish the zipper up the back of the dress

From pin to needle she's created something ignoring the included stress

Time to add another splash of ink to yesterday's craft

Always pouring her creation into something even if it's just a draft

She's turned into a plumber, stomping turtles and crashing into castles

Rescuing the princess from her reptile abuser through endless battles

She manages to make time for a quick run even though she lacks boredom

Flick of the tail from her friend, the neighborhood Tom

Reminds her it's time to return home

After a laugh from another episode of Anime

She notices how fast her day has gone away


The worst part of her day is knowing it's going to end

The best is knowing there's tomorrow to find another hobby to befriend

She lays her head down to rest, after a daily prayer of thanks for her many talents

Then she falls asleep with a smile ready for what dream awaits in Wonderland



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