I Have Learned To Love Myself

It's a world painted with love...lust...passion...hate...intrigue

and so many other heart hitting things.


There are roads that lead us to our happiest moments

and others to the most tragic times of our life.

Love is the one road I'd like to take a ride on for a second tonight. 


I asked my good friend, "What do you love?"

She said, "I love the way music pierces not only my ears but also my heart,

and injects it with life after I've been torn apart..."


....I love that even though life is written in pen, 

we're still given a thousand times to start over again,

....I love that I can love even through all the pain I've ever felt"


Never have I heard when I asked this question,

"I have learned to love myself"


It's surprising to me that all this "good" technology

has brought out more insecurities.


As time goes forward, self- love lags above all else.

We're taught to be selfless 

but it is good to love ourself. 


Because in order to love others,

We must love the person we see in the mirror

this world will become a little clearer

and when someone asks me what I've come to love above all else,

I'll say, "I have learned to love myself". 




You. Have tech me to love my self. #I learned to love my self

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