This is a Story about You.


I am who?
Who am I?
By your opinion, or mine? By lore or define?
This question is hard, thinking by perspective.

By yours or mine?

Two Different, One Objective.

Simply, I am me. But who is me? Well...If 'I' equals me, then 'me' equals I.

But then, Perspective... You call me 'you,' so 'I' equals you and you equals I, and if 'you' equals I, then you equals 'me.'

Does that mean I am you? Or that you are me?
The answer is yes, but also no.
I am both friend, and also foe.


Well...'me' equals you, but yours is not mine.

I cannot discern what you call a 'sign.'

Your eyes see me, and mine see you


They can see 'we.'

But differently.
I can but can't see you. It could be true, but not true, too.

I hear your opinion, I hear the emotion in your voice.
But there's a choice. To others, it's just noise. They ignore your poise, turning words into toys and thinking that they're lies-

But remember,
Mine is not yours, but you equals I.

I can see me, I can hear me.

Th um p

T h u m p...
Can you hear me? They do not hear me.
But they do...but they don't.
But they do.
But can you?

Are 'they' 'we?'
They can see me, and you can see me, and 'I' equals you and 'you' equals me.

So if 'they' are 'we,' then are we all me?



Perspective is key.

But then, if we are all me, then we are all you, and 'they' are also you, but 'they' are also me.

'They' could also be them.'
They ones who are friends, so-called. Also the friends not so-called,
But genuine.
So if 'we' equals they, then by law, we are 'them.'

We are friends.
They are friends.
I am friend.
You are friend.
Me equals 'they' and they could be 'them.'

But who are them? The ones you don't like. The ones that see you, but don't see 'I.'
But 'they' are you, what don't they understand?

Remember, all of me,

Perspective is at hand.

'They' don't see me, 'they' don't see you. 'They' only see them, themselves they think is true.
'They could be right, but 'they' are we...and if we are you then you are me.

We are all correct!



Or are we?

We are all 'me.' You are a 'me.'
Me is a 'you.' You are a 'we.'
We are all 'they.'. And they are all 'them.'

Now...I see you and you see me, and they see me, and I see them.

So, hear me-
'Them' will be they and 'they' will be we. 'We' will be you and 'you' will be me.


Them will not always be 'they,' and they will not be 'we,' and we will not be 'you' and you will not be 'me.'

I will always be me, but will 'you' be you?

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