I've never seen the stars


I've never seen the stars so bright
Among a midnight sky
I never thought I'd see the day
I told my razors "goodbye"

Yeah I have scars be they tell a start
About a recent war
In which a girl almost ended her life
She had no clue what was in store

She has her friends but at time
They were all a busy
Now she has some new friends
And relationships built on trust

I've finally found some reasons
To change who I used to be
This smile never leaves my heart
But this you'd never see

So maybe you'll just take my word
From my now ever present grin
Maybe this happiness is my prize
From my latest win

I never felt so good before
I threw those razors away
I felt so free and fresh and clean
No longer are there days of gray

Just new days full of love
Red, blue, and green
Creating beautiful, magical colors
And ones I've never really seen

Something silvers shining
It must be life's new hue
It's something I just can't seem to wait for
It's something all brand new


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