Love the scent of Chicago cuisines, 

Sleeping in on the weekends to catch up with my dreams,

Simply make me happy sharing chicken wings,

Nostalgia and Euphoria, i'm somewhere in between,

Truth of the matter is im happy being lazy,

Im proud of my brother Jaden, he's come a long way from being a baby,

My girlfriend is my bestfriend, thats my ride or die,

I love her big head and the fact that sometimes she gotta cry,

In reality i'm just looking forward to living,

Can't wait until I walk into the kitchen and I see my wife & my children, 

I love my lifestyle,

I love my family,

I love my real friends and the ones who make me happy,

The football field controls my heart,

Ive been running and hitting so long that its become an art,

I'm content with being mediocre,

At least im social,

I wanna play for the Bears one day, i'd be a hometown hopeful,

Never partied much, so i've always had a thing for movies,

Mi novia es una diosa, so i've always had a thing for cuties,

I just wanna be succesful... no pun intended,

If I could take a trip in time, I'd go back when the thought of fun's invented,

I get excited when I see a newborn in their mothers arms,

Cause when they're that close to their mother, there's no sign of any harm,

Or Danger,

Or Hate,

Or Anger,

Just the same thought that was with Jesus in his manger, as he stared up looking at an angel,

God I thank you for waking me up, thats all that really matters,

I think its funny that I dont have to worry about my girl takin a pill the morning after,

I love laughter,

My teachers say I should be an actor,

I think I can rap just cause i'm black but that shouldn't be a factor,

Kisses I love those,

Got a big closet because I love clothes,

Im looking forward to walking through heavens gates,

And going to my mama's house and eating great off better plates,

Cant wait until I can say "I made it",

Or at least "I'm making it",

And I pray for the day that I make so much green that my neighbors see me raking it,

The day I turn 18, I can say that Chicago's made me a better man,

Let me fall or let me stand,

At least you'll know I never ran,

I live my life up to the fullest,

Following philosophical commands,

But what can I say?

My story's sweet until my story's done,

Until you see "The End", let me welcome you to my Euphoria.


















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