Passionate Empire


Butter face with gold edges, pharaohs bow down to my breakfast

I’m so sheik I roll in elixir so know my force.

Today I live, today I shine with the sun and help illuminate the night with the moon

Awake to once again play piano in piles and piles of books,

Books that ride on streams under bridges made of books,

Books that build dams and create trees.

The awe in attention, they stare as I am burning up

“Quick, come put me out!” losing my breath, I toss myself in a pool of literacy-

I got the gasoline so let’s dance around the grill in the sky

Oil, burn out, clapping and shouting in rituals of reading,

The soul lifts up passively, full of fiery pleasure.


Some see happiness as the rest and absence of life

To not be distressed or ease up with some red wine.


Happiness enlightens my spirit, a wild day of reading;

Books are sounds and visions that we take,

They are fortunes that coin our curiosity

And make our body weight cease to exist.

       Even the thought of dripping some words into my skull,

Letting it seep into my skin to absorb and photosynthesis into a flower,

       Makes my back crawl with caterpillars and flush red.


Slide, slide, dip, shake-

Move beyond with me, follow me and let me be your Virgil

Doing leaps across blood-filled pits to the stairways of The Library;

No delight without discovering the unknown.


I know some quiver, some whisper at the sight of paper

Egos pass when you get a whiff of the melodious words it sprays.


What matters to me, what makes my day a Day?

Sweet love for the notes education offers with open arms,

Love like waves kissing white sand in the mornings of what’s to come-

To build upon my basic clinic and create a hospital, I long for the poem it has to offer.


It teases my lips at full length, from cheek to cheek,

Happiness has no price, it only cooks the fire we each have in our heart.


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