You Can Rise


If you swim across the seven seas 
If you walk through a dozen deserts 
Until you receive blisters 
Could you answer the unknown all alone
Everyone won’t be pleased by us
There will be few that you can trust 
Don’t go wasting your time being rejected 
No one wants to feel neglected
Every day you wake up 
It’s a blessing and a curse 
Some things seem so unchangeable 
God will pick you up from the dirt 
No matter how bad you get hurt 
There are others who have it worse
You have to remember 
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”
For he will raise you higher than you’ve ever been
Lift your head because you are strong 
You’re not all alone
God will never lead you wrong
Why do you get caught up in depression?
God’s love is never in recession 
You got to give it all your might 
Can’t be face down in the ground 
Use the faith that’s been found 
Don’t you go moving on
Keep your head up never lose hope
For you will rise don’t be surprised 
You were not created to fail 
You were created to conquer 
You are loved for the Bible tells us so



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