Big Sister, Little Brother


You do disgusting things, just to gross me out.

You make me lose my patience, every time you fake pout.

You played with my Barbies constantly and let me dress you in my clothes.

Remember when dad came home, you were in a tutu, he might have told us no.

We didn't listen, as we always did, and continued on right under his nose.

When you were born, I was only four and I really wanted a sister.

I joke, sometimes, that I still have one, although I admit I couldn't wait for you to get bigger.

Taking care of you like my own is something I will always treasure.

Listening to music on my iPod and looking out the back door watching wicked weather.

When you were afraid in the middle of the night you came and knocked quietly at my door.

I told you all of my secrets, you never shared with anyone and that I thank you for.

You have always been my best friend and looked up to me.

We have had each other's backs through the toughest of times we still don't believe.

Quite a bit of my life I watched over you and I have never once regretted that.

Even though we can get into heated arguments, which is something we still need to work at.

Our memories from childhood are something I will never forget.

Wrestling, getting in trouble, laughing together, and avoiding our parents.

I wouldn't trade you for anything even though I say I would.

And to this day you still drive me crazy like a little brother should.


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