Smoldering Beauty

When twilight settles into my bones and all feels still and fleeting

I take an adventure to my happy place

A place where star rays tangle in the sky and slide dreams to earth on twinkling light

A place where everything collapses to a breathless hush and the buzzes and swirls and motion of the world vanish to distant whispers

A place where worries and doubts skein in gentle winds, soughing through black branches

The world feels alive from sky to ground and it burns with a smoldering beauty 

Air between the pulsing stars and moonlit soaked grass smokes with the beauty of it all

These deliecate, shining moments fill my heart with bliss 

An exorable bliss that expands my heart in this feeling of vastness, where all the stars and whispers and smoldering beauty of this earth seem to be a part of me

I fall in love with the world and the way it moves through me





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