Grandpa John

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 19:18 -- miniece


The day you left,

Marked a day where a part of me was gone.

When your spirit left your body,

It took a part of me with you.

I was in despair,

Yearning for the days that you come back,

Wishing that I could hear your voice one more time.

A place of darkness is where I fell.

For many days and many nights,

I cried myself to sleep,

Hoping that my tears would bring you back.

But one day while talking to the moon,

I realized you never left.

Though you're absent from the Earth,

Your spirit is still within me.

I no longer cry myself to sleep,

I no longer am left in the darkness.

For your spirit gives me hope.

Your spirit keeps me going and gives me the faith that I need to keep going on.

There are times when I want to give up, that I can't bear no more,

But your spirit tells me "don't give up, you have potential to soar".

I used to think that it's odd,

That such a tragic thing could bring me positive spirits.

But you left your mark on my heart,

Now I know that we will never be apart.


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