Jesus for Joy


Twist and Shout Poetry Slam


Life is confusing, and life is rough

You're expected to be strong, expected to be gruff

Tears are frowned upon, and emotions are bad

Society tells us to fake a smile and never get mad


It's really too much, too much to bear

The pressures on teens make us swear

When it is too overwhelming, too much to handle

I turn to one thing, God, my guardian angel


Jesus brings brightness on the darkest of nights

He is a hand to hold in times of fright

He answers our prayers without hesitation

His love and comfort provide glorious sensation


He turns my smile from fake to real

The more I praise him, the better I feel

Jesus is an inspiration to all

Through trial after trial, he never did fall


I aspire to be as Godly as possible

Because kindness and meaness are truly optional

Without His guidance, I might be unaware

Of the value of love and peace, without fear


Jesus gets me through my hardest days

His heart and His mind, He knows all the ways

His love radiates to everyone He touches 

Giving us grace and providing peaceful justice


Life is often very hot and cold 

It's hard to stay confident and tough to stay bold

But the Lord, my Savior, will always pull through 

His strength is powerful, so I bid my sorrows adieu.




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