Today Is The Day

Today is the day
We say goodbye to our high school lives and see a brighter tomorrow.
Today is the day,
I put on the Navy Blue cap and gown; and say goodbye to yesterday.
Today is the day,
We gain everlasting friends, as we prepare to meet those soon to be friends.
Today is the day,
We all leave a legacy to those left behind to stay another year.
Today is the day,
Where tears of joy run down faces of family and friends as they are proud to watch a future generation rise.
Today is the day,
Our slate is wiped clean and we go on into the real life.
Today is the day,
I move my tassel in completion.
Today is the day we mark a new beginning.
And today is the day,
I will accept the diploma, a paper signifying I did well.
Today is not a day of goodbyes, sadness,  or worry.
It is a day when hundreds come together, to celebrate the accomplishment we have done.
Teachers clap in astonishment for all those they have watched from freshman year to be young adults.
The white walls that were never welcoming in the mornings, but stood for something more in the end.
The white walls left a statement of victory and honor of excellence.
But between those white walls were relationships,
Relationships that were created to last, and memories to be remembered
Between those white walls were students striving and working hard,
But most of all within the class rooms were stories that were unfolded.
Questions became answers, lessons became life, stories became memories, and students became leaders
This place we called school was also home.
Where friends are family and tears are laughter.
Today is the day,
We graduate and throw our hats in gratitude for every:
White wall, teacher, student, relationship, and memory
Today is the day,
We say, “We did it!”


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