United States
25° 58' 26.3748" N, 97° 19' 48.1908" W
United States
25° 58' 26.3748" N, 97° 19' 48.1908" W

My life was just something that I trudged through;

It didn't hold much meaning to me as I grew older.

I would go through the phases of an everyday journey.

A journey where emotions were not commonly used.

Then, you entered into my life on that fateful day not so long ago.


Your appearance brought forth a new realization from within;

Life was suddenly more than just a meaningless word.

Everytime we talk, you leave me with wanting more and more.

Any excuse I could find would be used to talk to you again.

Smiles and laughter were slowly becoming less foreign to me.


Though you may be hundreds of miles away from me,

I know that within the year, we will be reaquainted with one another.

When that day is upon us, there will be nothing to stop my ever-growing smile.

Until that day though, I'll be satisfied to hear from you on the phone.

You have given me a reason to wake up and smile. Thank you.


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