A Music Swallowed Heart


Standing on a tall podium, I overlook a field covered in grays and blacks. My hands rise with the steady beat of my heart. There, a fanfare calls my name. My hand raises its volume to a perfect release. Eveything disperses. Running chaos at eye level; art when seen from above. Bodies practice how to breathe. A Mellophone sings a sad song. Alone. A ballad of beauty stretches for a hundred yards. Time around it stretches. Stop. Tears are choked back. A caught rifle sounds as a fairy. Sudden. Snare souds break the ground. The take over the field and strut triplet runs. Intense conducting. Fierce appearance hides the love I choke back. Songs make me feel. This production of emotion and time swallowed my heart. As the end reaches, I feel time running too short. Everything comes so fast. Pushing. Pressing. Pulling. Rushing. A ringing release. and then... nothing. A nothingness that has never been so satisfying. Out of breathe with tears streaming down my face. I have never felt music the way it kisses me now that it is mine. And I will never let it go.


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