The Next Generation

Thanks society for screwing up my childhood expectations for normality

To just exist and be satisfied

To be able to live and love and be happy while doing it

I am not going to be a damn brain-washed citizen cubicle-bound

What happened to being a kid and having all these dreams and ambitions?

Now I’m just trying to satisfy my superiors

Public school is training me to be an engineer

Why the hell can’t I just do what I love without question?

Without Pessimistic poison to infect my mind

Your are the cause of my anxiety


You are one messed up subject

“Be yourself!

Wait NO! Not like that!

Pull up your pants,

Make sure they fit well,

But not too tight.

You like somebody? Awesome!

Wait, it’s a dude?

Yeah no that’s corruption of nature and marriage and love.”

Since when did I become a satanist?

I’m a christian

I like men

But above all I LOVE Christ with all my heart

I will not preach hate to my children

They will know love unlike you

What the Hell Society?!

What happened to



and The Pursuit of Happiness?!

Did the American Dream change in the past generations?


Dear Society,

You’re with me or against me

Either way, I’m moving forward

I’m gonna marry a man

I’m going to be a performer

I’m going to live a life of color outside of the box

And I’ll be damned if you get in the way of my technicolor American dream


The Next Generation



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