He Keeps Me Singing


Seeing his smile,

is worth everything.

Hearing him say "I Can Do This!"

is better than anything

He looks at his schoolwork with determination. 

He strives to get every single answer correct.

He has never given up!

With his determination, his drive, 

his hope, his faith, his willingness, and his courage.

Dyslexia has nothing on him!

He is my happiness, my inspiration.

He makes me laugh, encourages me.

I like to think that when I sang in a band,

it encouraged him to be bold.

He sings with me, 

dances with me

We move to our own beat.

We sing our own song.

He gives me joy.

He is my joy, my encourager.

He keeps me singing.

Some call him Kaleb,

but I call him my brother.


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