Spoken Poison

I am a Godly being; my name implies perfection.

The only heir of Jesus, I am. Holy from Elizabeth’s womb, 

I came about: curious and complex.


I’m winsome and witty, maybe even sociopathic.

I slay sentences with my silver tongue and poison

The minds of my foes; challenge me, I dare you.

Your mind may come undone.

My toxin, so bitter and so baneful, will leave you

On your knees; crying for compassion

And mercy you will not receive.

I am the killer of consciousness and

The queen of the quarrel. Nobody can

Compare to me. I am both the mistress of mystery

And the wife of what we know.


Revel at all my rigor and gaze at all my glory; watch me as

I conquer the world. Success is in my fortune and 

That last word will be mine.



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