October Bliss


Who knew the month of October 

could nourish my spirit and

comfort my eyes wth a

warmth of pure light and a never-ending bliss?


Gold is delicately interwoven in the

hands of our life givers. The bark

supports the branches, even when it knows

the leaves cannot change their fate against

the hands of time or  the forces of nature.


Sitting on the roots of the silent giant, I rest my head

on its sturdy trunk. Why, the wind never fails to invite me

join the sweet melody it whispers in the ears. Yes,

the wind is enchanthing- so mystical, it lifts me to the

heavens, and the angels residing up above. 


Birds, squirrels... driads in the trees,,, fairies

shooting from up above igniting a magical world,

full of prisms of colors- beads of light adorning, residing

in my every eye lash. 


What else is there to see?

I know there is so much more, hidden there somewhere.

Let me rest my head and enjoy the view, the way flowers do.


But of course, I am not wrong.

There is a canopy fantastic like the ocean floor.

Instead, it is full of breath-taking butterflies.

Butterflies with warm tones

of topaz and blood,

and eerie shapes, creating a whimsical beauty. 


October, you have a purity- a gift 

and grace about you.

So sweet like the sound of a violin,

and yet so vivid and strong to

uplift my heart.




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