Mud and Sweat


They say we’re crazy

And boy do I know it

It starts from our hearts, end at our toes

I’m a cross country running girl

Never been afraid to show it.


Sorry I’m not interested in parties

Sorry I can’t stop talking about the hot Hawaiian sun

Sorry I keep talking about that new trail I found

Or that new workout I had begun.


It burns in my lungs and my eyes

Sweat dripping down

Knees driving high

I’m running towards school

People ask why

Because cross country seasons starting

Starting the best times of my life.


It’s the swing of my arms

It’s the twist of my hips

It’s the position of my pelvis

It’s the seeming crumple of my lips.


Grass, pavement, zigzag paths, under a hornets nest, past cryptic cats.

We run it all

Have a ball

Run til’ we’re sick

We run for kicks.

We. Run. For. Kicks.


It’s the sound of your screaming coach

It’s the tempo of your steps

It’s the land of your footfalls

It’s the post -race water you gulp-never sip.


It’s the scraping of my breaths

It’s the mud on the back of my shirt and thighs

It’s the old battered shoes on my feet

They tell me “Hey girl you’re alive.”


They say I’m crazy

Never have to tell me twice

It starts from my heart, ends at my toes

We’re cross country running girls

Going to be one for life.

Mud and Sweat.


We run for kicks.

We. Run. For. Kicks.


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