No Running Judgement


United States
36° 10' 46.1748" N, 79° 59' 51.3312" W
United States
36° 10' 46.1748" N, 79° 59' 51.3312" W

Have you ever worked hard just to come up short?

And society's judgement makes you want to abort

Your plans, your dreams for what can be done?

My muse, my inspiration is to run.

To run is to be free,

Everything about it makes me happy.

Just the open track, the sound of my shoes slapping against the ground.

I can control my speed - whether sprinting or pacing

My heart racing

My lungs burning, yet I can't stop. . .

Run, girl, run. . . I give it all I got.

Praying for more air that will propel me faster,

My eyes fixed on the finish line as I try to master

My form, my stride, trying to ignore the pain in my side.

Arms, legs, chest, they all participate as I take off to quickly 

await the victory that I know is mine.

Laughing as I cross the finish line.

As I compete with ONLY the time that has been set.

But yet, I can't forget that running is for me!

Eat, sleep, breathe, run. . .

Eat, sleep, breathe, run. . .

With running, there are no restrictions, no deadlines, no boundaries,

Running only means possibilities!

Run, girl, run. . .

No judgements here.

To run is to be free,

To run . . . I can be me!



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