From the far stretches

To the middle of the earth,

All these sights to see.


Names of places I

Cannot pronounce but can still



Trolltunga, Norway:

Over a glistening lake

I will meditate.


Machu Pichu, where

Ancient civilizations

Rose and fell like rocks.


Pemuteran Bay,

Bali: an underwater

Temple garden rests.


Neuschwanstein Castle,

Germany: Cinderella’s

Palace tangible.  


Elephant Rock in

Heimaey, Iceland: its trunk

Extending to sea.


Iceberg lagoon in

Frozen Antarctica, far

Beyond peoples’ reach.


Quaint little town of

Colmar, France, with bright buildings,

Flowers, waterways.


Istanbul, Turkey,

In which you can straddle two

Continents at once.


The broad expanse of

Italy, with its beauty

And rich history.


Whitehaven Beach in

Australia, where the blue

And white waters whirl.


To climb Everest,

In Kathmandu, Nepal, the

Highest peak on earth.


The Devil’s Punchbowl,

With torrents cascading past

Me in New Zealand.


Santorini, Greece:

The azure and white buildings

Stretching across cliffs.


Uganda, where those

In poverty can still smile

And share with strangers.


Fernweh. An ache for

Distant places. A craving

To travel the world.

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