Music Is My Soul

Having a crappy day,

nothing seems to go my way.

But there is something I know

that will let my emotions show.

I may be angry, I may be sad

but if my music is playing then I am glad! 


The lyrics and sound surrounding me

I take the lead!

I don't feel terrible anymore,

I scream my happiness with a roar!

Nothing affects me like it does

you can't kill my joybuzz.


I can be broken and blue

but when the music starts thats my cue.

To shake my depression away 

and let the good times play! 

Music is my soul

without it I wouldn't be whole.


So go on ahead 

and make me dread

the moments that put me down.

Just understand that I don't need legs to get off the ground.

I don't need to be yielding 

when music does all the healing. 








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