Blind Faith and Love


Unanticipated jubilance

Coming from nowhere

Leading off a bridge


When you walk off the edge

Don’t dare to look down

The ruins the entity of surprise from the ground


If your fall isn’t too high, you’ll land on your feet

And maybe you’ll even end up on the street

If so, then you’ll know it’s a one way road

You keep walking and you’ll end up right back at home


Home is where your happiness lies

No matter how much your mind may defy

The walk home may be simple and sweet

But chances are it’ll be long and you’ll feel weak


When you get there you’ll be bundled up safe and warm

You’ll have just missed out on the brutality of the storm

She’ll give you some cocoa

She’ll read you this poem

She’ll remind you of a feeling otherwise unknown


This feeling will be something quite unique

You’ll have to keep up, to think on your feet

You’ll find that there will be things so alike

Maybe more so than you’d ever realized


Then there’s the differences

Those are what make it complete

They’re what make you feel like you could never compete


Your feeling’s so soft

Your heart on your sleeve

Something so simple could make her cheeks turn bright pink


Then you’ll wake up the very next day

You’ll get off your chest all you may have to say

It’ll be along the lines of “your past escaped your mind”

You’ll be glad, but that will only come with letting go and due time


You will try and remember

But you’ll have forgotten

Forgotten when

You fell off of the bridge leading from nowhere


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