Campfire on the beach.

Tue, 10/14/2014 - 21:35 -- shmar_g



It's the perfect day.

All my friends are here to stay.

Gathered around the camp fire.

Which is next to the beach that stays below the sun.

We'll be up all night enjoy the company and having fun.

Beat boxing around the campfire.

Making our own song track.

Spit a couple bars it sounds good.

Who knew we can all rap.

We told some scary stories just to make each other jump!

Then made some funny impersonations of Forrest Gump.

"Life is a box of chocolates"

As I take one and smother it onto the graham.

Then I showed my friends who makes the best s'mores in the land!

Now it's back to story telling and talking about old movies.

You know the 80s ones like Breakfast Club, Weird Science, and The Goonies.

"It's our time. Its our time down here"

This is time well spent just me friends.

It's better than gossiping on twitter or commenting on the latest trends.

That's boring.

Other kids are at home with their TV on.

We're at the beach playing Frisbee with no shoes on.

Watch the waves it the shore as we practice Kundalini and Zazen.

We mediate,

and reflect on the past to help establish a better future.

Then we continue the fun and play football like the pros.

This is fun but its now dark cause the sun is getting low.

I'm not ready for the evening to end.

I'd rather stay with my friends,

but its ok.

Cause we're doing this again the next day.

With more friends and more tunes.

All happy songs no blues.

So If you ever wanna know where i am?

I'll be where my friends are here stay.

Gathered around the camp fire. 

Which is next to the beach that stays below the sun.









Please enjoy :)

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