My Final Year

Summer is over.

The weather is getting colder.

Having fun under the sun has ended.

Because of school, our ennui has distended.


There is always next summer.

Yet, being away from friends is such a bummer.

That said, we must make our senior year be a blast.

All our gaffe are left in the past.


Football games every other Friday night.

Partying every Saturday away past midnight.

Studying hard on Sunday to make the grade.

At prom, we will dance the night away.


My mentors and friends have truly inspired me.

All have made a good future a possibility.

Hopefully, these four years will not go to waste.

The experiences I savor could not be replaced.


Preping for the college i have been accepted to.

Imagining my life there is making me blue.

High school year will come to an attend.

My dream college, I will soon attend.


Trying to look forward to college next auturm.

All of our memories will surely not go forgotten.

I will see everyone at my class reunion.

There, i will see how everyone in life is doing.


Parties and studies will not diminish

Mingling with friends won't have a finish.

So, next summer will not be undesirable.

Since, our final year and all preceding years will not be terrible.




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