Parts of me

Happiness has been a struggle.
Some days things do not come my way.
And some days I just wish for a hug.

Sometimes I feel that my bed is the one who truly knows how I feel,
Yet it can only respond to my movements of gloom with shrill moans.
Is there really anything for me to accomplish and do?

My kin.
My brothers and sister.
They are my friends.
Every time I see them and every moment we speak is a moment
In which we communicate our love for each other

We poke fun at one another,
We cry on each other’s shoulder.
There is no limit to the amount of care we have for one another.

They bring up my spirits when I am down
They ask me if I am coming home for thanksgiving,
Eager to see me and to tell me how much I’ve changed.

My brothers and sister evaporate my sadness
They give me hop
To see them succeed is what I strive for

I am their role model.
I am to pave the way of success for them.
I am their leader.
I am their blueprint.

Knowing that they love me and look up to me
Indeed makes me fortunate to be an older brother.
Helping my siblings gives me motivation to do the best that I can to help my younger family succeed
And do better than I have.


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