Non-Sequitors (Inspired by The Talking Heads)

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 08:54 -- delarys


I'm standing across a boy and a girl at the atrium

The boy is obviously in love with her
...she is less convinced.
My aunt is the biggest homo I've ever met
and I love her with all her gayness.
I hate this idea that children who come from same-sex homes 
end up, well, you know. 
I, contrary to popular belief, like guys a whole lot. 
In fact, if I had a dime for every time my heart 
was left disheveled by a boy with a nice smile, 
I'd be a a closet lesbian worth 50 cents. 
When the person who convinced me that suicide was not worth it, killed herself, I laughed. 
I think I'm living a good life if I bruise once a week. 
I hate New York.
I love New York.
Future possible epitaphs:
1.Your crotch isn't as repulsive from this angle.
2. Well...skydiving isn't for everyone.
3. She's still kicking, you know?
Mom, you suck and I feel bad for you. 
Avonte Oquendo: I called it. It wasn't a bet that I wanted to win, though.
I can't be happy for someone else unless I'm just as happy in the first place. 
I think my brain is starting to eat away at itself for lack of better things to do.
I'm going to Africa in a few days. 
I wonder how many likes I can get on Instagram. 
Why am I so concerned with bragging rights? I could be narcissistic.
In fact, I AM narcissistic, 
but to my defense if others don't know that I've lived through something, it's harder to believe that I have. 
Other people justify my existence. 
A real orgasm and a fake orgasm,
given your partner's level of self-absorption,
are not distinguishable.
The world is a terrible lover, 
and I am a worse liar. 
Life is the stuff(ing) before death and writing is a huge turkey. 


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