I am that I am


Great in battle, the strongest warrior- I am that I am.

Loving and merciful, grateful and beautiful- I am that I am.

The one who is, was and is to come, Elshaddai, Emmanuel- I am that I am.

Who can stand before His throne, Son Of God You alone- I am that I am;

He saved me when I needed Him, He loved me when I hated Him,

Trusted me when I did not, listened to me when I heeded not, cared when I was in despair, loved the

more when I was in fear, even when I was scared, He had no fear-He was there! I am that I am.

His standards will be the same, placed in my heart-that's my aim.

Joyfull and uplifting is His word, I take my joy in His love- His name be praised!

Through all generations He will be the same-My father I praise your name!

Loving and jealous, Jehovah I adore You

Great and mighty King, my joy through all-all you've done, Amen.

Reading His word I love, meeting Him will be my Joy- O LORD with You forever!

Only He knows my future,future of good and not of evil- The I am that I am.


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