Is It Friday Yet?

I look forward to the weekend - always.

That's when I get to do all the things I've been missing out on all week.


I get to watch TV shows with my sister,

fangirling and being weird.


I get to spend some time with my best friend,

hanging out, walking around, watching movies.


I get to spend hours in a freezing room - literally.

I love ice skating.


I get to read ten books and write a few of my own

- okay, so I don't do that much, but I try.


I try squeezing in a few thousand words.

I try catching up on my personal TBR list.


I sit on a couch and contemplate life.

I reminisce about all those good times.


Oddly enough, I also enjoy taking the time

to catch up on some school work.


I get my life back in order,

prepare myself for the next week of chaos.


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