The autumn rush of leaves in November sends chills down my spine

The filtered sunlight drips through leaves, leaving shadows to mask my tears.

I am back in school

I inhale William Blake

                                            and exhale biomedical engineering

I failed my integrals quiz because I could not solve for x, but aren’t I suppose to be solving for my life?

“Your poems aren’t in iambic pentameter,” my Professor remarks, “try again.”

I see shadows everywhere, but I remember that only means the light is close.

Pakistan, sweet Pakistan, my nail taps on the mountain range as little feet scurry to school that they cannot go to but the Pakistani boys teach each other.

My hand falls to Kuwait and it feel so hot! I remove my hand from the heat of 112o as women walk to work with integrity.

I spin the globe and see many faces painted with strength, “keep going,” they tell me, “don’t give up.” 

[superposition]: when unobserved an electron is simultaneously in all its possible states, this is true in the realm of quantum mechanics but not the real world.

I disagree

 Humans exert energy all their life and some of us get nowhere

The happiest of us are the poorest

The most traveled of us aren’t lost

The highest suicides are in the richest countries

We live in quantum physics, we do not live in reality.

                                                                                                     Humans are ever changing

Political Science is in my mind right now as I stare at the globe

                                                                                                                      trying to decipher the algorithms of mankind killing mankind, and mankind saving mankind.

I trace South Sudan with my hand feeling the screams of Darfur, I slide my finger down to South Africa seeking the patience of 27 years in prison. 


Failure is my albatross.

Failure is also my liberator.

She is the daughter of Fate but also the cousin of Enlightenment.


I take the prose from my professor’s hand and try,





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