A Hipster kind of Autumn


It is now fall, which in itself summons rain

And rain, for some, is the entity of gloominess and pain

But for myself and my fellow Oregonians
It is the annual dawning of creativity and zest
A sense of pride and jubilation enters the northwest

One way to fancy a chilly fall day

Is to observe what I will call a “species” if I may

Native to my beloved home state

These individuals venture out of their Portland domain

In which they are christened with their Hipster name

This group claims fall to be the season they reign

Creating odd microbrews with ginger and wolf’s bane

As a hipster’s identity is in the form of a latte

Each drink must model a heart or leaf in it’s foam

And Starbucks is only tolerated when running late from home

Glasses are worn, but only the frames

Scarves, tattoos, and beards cover any remains

Originality is the intention of each who aspire

To use vintage furniture and thrift stores as old but new

And making banners out of triangles is the thing to do

Some say Hipsters are a cultural movement

Others say culture is in need of improvement

But these people make this season an interesting time

For we can have a good cup of joe on any fall day
And find an old bench to people watch, the American way




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