What does it mean to be happy?

Is it butterflies

Animal fries

Looking into your boyfriend’s eyes

Is it an A on a test

Going up a cup size on your chest

Leaving for a party looking your best

Is happiness a late night phone call

Eating your favorite food at the mall

Having food to eat at all

Or is happiness something that can’t be measured

Something when possessed, not pleasured or treasured

Something that people try to take away from you

Something that everyone else wants too

Something you only see on TV

Something that most believe isn’t free

Something that some feel doesn’t even exist

That without it one ends up with slit wrists

Their clenched fists & bucket lists

All the second chances they’ve missed

They’ve run out of hope

And just want to stop trying

And here we are taking advantage

While others can’t stop crying

We have it better than most

People these days don’t understand

They are spoiled, ungrateful

Are always lent a helping hand

Yet they still aren’t happy

They’re never satisfied with what they got

They want everything but don’t realize

Some people don’t have a lot

Happiness is something we all can achieve

It’s only as easy as we make it

We always complicate it for ourselves though

There comes a point when we can’t take it

It doesn’t have to be this way

It’s not that hard to do

All it takes is self initiative

And the power to pull through

You want something, go get it

Nothing is stopping you

The pursuit of happiness is a journey

It could take a day or it could take longer

But don’t ever back down when things get rough

Cause what hurts you can only make you stronger

Don’t ever regret, forget

Or say something was a waste

Everything happens for a reason

There isn’t a challenge that can’t be faced

There isn’t a wall that can’t be climbed

Or an obstacle you can’t overcome

Also know that you’re not alone

We all know where you’re coming from

You are LOVED and you are BEAUTIFUL

More than you may realize

You are worthy and capable

These aren’t lies, open your eyes

You were born this way

You’re exactly where you’re meant to be

Don’t ever think you’re not good enough

You’re young, wild, and you’re free

Know what you want, what you don’t

And what you shouldn’t

Believe you can do anything

Even when you used to think you couldn’t

Friends will come and go

But the realest will stay

Family will always be there

Every hour of every day

These are the ones that you need in your life

The ones that will make everything okay

The ones that have your back 100% percent

And know always what to say

Don’t listen to these words

And let them go from one ear and out the other

Take it, swallow it

Then pass them on to another

Now me, I can say that I’m happy

I’ve been sitting on cloud 9

And yeah, some of my days turn out crappy

But at the end of it all, I’m fine

Because I make my own happiness

And everyone else should too

We all deserve to be happy

It’ll start with me, but it’ll end with you



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