An Angel With Many Names


I cradled her when she blossomed red.

Covered in ooze, her curls grasped her cheeks.

Her cries sounded the alarms of life.

It resonated with a reverberating siren in my heart and soul.

I caressed her on her first day of breathing.

Her first smile illuminated her fragile, baby face.

Then her first slumber fell upon her.

The perfect name for a glorious simple angel has to be eternal.

I called her Bri,

The name meaning eternal.


She was simple as can be all the way down to her tiny toes.

Five years old and already as graceful as a swan.

Her voice chimed with such bliss that I fell into a lucid dream of heaven.

Fair, soft skin that snowflakes envied.

Her eyes were the color of her birthstone,


She wore a pale, blue iris in her hair.

The day her protector brought her home was a floral day,

May, the month of rebirth and flowers.

Her father called her Angelica,

The name meaning resurrection of beauty.


She moved flawlessly like a gazelle.

Those almond brown swirls swayed on her shoulders.

Her smile was heartbreakingly beautiful.

It was as if she had pearls for teeth.

Her cheeks glimmered peppermint red,

The way she sashayed made the stars cry diamonds.

Her skin phased into silk in her powdery pink tutu.

Her caregiver screams praises.

After her dance with the wind,

It rained iris petals, something blue and vivid.

She called her Ayumi,

The name meaning blue iris.


No matter what you call her she is always one person

“As rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

The name given by God and her family,


The name meaning eternal.


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