To Write and to Draw


I’m not good at poetry, but I’ll give this a go
And write a standard, short poem about what I enjoy
You see, I love writing and drawing, as well,
It’s a release for what inside me dwells.

Drawing is a fine skill I learned on my own
I draw characters, perfect them, and they are born
I love when the circles and squares on my page,
Turn into a person with realistic grace,
I especially love to interpret my siblings and I,
Drawing out moments, having the pictures to remind.

But writing, for me, is more than release
It’s a way of being and creating what I please.
I scribble out my secrets, line by line,
When I have no one to turn to by my side.
I can express what I feel, be it anger or joy,
And put it away for no one to know.
I can create a world, as God did to ours,
And I can decide what to put in or leave out.

I enjoy drawing when I get the chance
And writing is a passion I do when I can.


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