Mon, 10/06/2014 - 14:33 -- Brice


Pink and orange clouds illuminated tired eyes

There was no parting between water and skies 

The bright sun falling slowly into the night abyss 

You can't look away or surely something you'll miss

The simple peace between night and day 

When the earth is quiet with nothing to say 


So much more than daily troubles and worry 

When time moves this slow there is no hurry 

Inhale, exhale and close your busy eyes 

Gaze upon the sunset and into the skies


Appreciate what you hold

As the last glimpse of gold

Retreats into the ocean at last


Setting itself and then setting the day 

A sky so brilliant you can't look away 

Embracing the instance

Letting go of resistance 

A moment without motion

Just you, the sun and the ocean












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