“You can be whoever you want”


Yet, it was merely the first taste of ambition ever fed to me.

With this mentality,

I could take over the world.

-You'd think.


But instead, I treaded the trails of fear and uncertainty,


And couldn’t help but to feel the sense

of urgency..

to run.


Long roads,

filled with the fear of my transparency,

and the inconsistency of my frequency.

“You can be whoever you want to be”

It's not that easy

I couldn't believe

That I was possibly my very worst enemy


No one told me

it'd take courage,

to tread these trails as a sketch

of what God has chosen me to be.

To fill in the lines,

that were drawn directly from the author of humanity..


I continued to tread these trails in hopes that God was preparing the perfect mixture…

to begin filling in the


colors in my




My heart began to trouble

it longed to finally flee the potency of uncertainty.


I found myself trapped in isolated places,

dark head spaces,

where only the evil one thrived.

Vultures fed on me,

just in case I attempted

to look for purpose in my life.


But my God Is a God of life

and he embraces me--

unconditionally and forgivingly,



Revealed my destiny,

by giving me hope and peace.



I have dreams.

Ambition pumps the blood through my veins.


And absolutely nothing will stop me.


Spoken words,

Potent verbs,

Almost like a broken language.

Attack the ones with dreams.

Hurtful words.

Breaking spirits of kings and queens.

These are the reasons why I dream with my eyes wide open.


They say to me:

Smaller dreams,

fewer fees,

short term goals and the more "realistic" view.

Like one day I woke up and had all of these plans,

out of the blue .

Going through the narrow road is hard.

But when you see the works of God,

you see its the only way to go.

And becomes the only way you know.

"You can be whoever you want"

I want to be where He wants me


Providing a place where we can run free...

Lyrically and Spiritually...

Bound and Intertwined in the vines of our aspirations.

In admiration...

I tread this trail as God is my destination.



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