All My Inspiration

Before I found you I was lost

Nothing to see and nowhere to go

Nothing useful to do

And nothing to grace my walls

Then I learned something very important

Something simple yet essential

I learned of education


School can go on and on like a hamster

Grinding away on its wheel

I'd rather spend time in something greater

A combustion engine igniting the fire in my soul

Pumping words and sounds into my ears and mouth

So that I may gasp and let out my knowledge

Is this what they've all been talking about?


Taking my time and learning my arithmetic 

It's all for naught if I'm devoid of inspiration

A slate gray cobblestone beneath the feet of the thinker

I bring all my inspiration from the knowldege that spills out

Every single time the bells call for class to begin

Force feeding my brain in order to appease my hunger for information

Because without it I would be base


All my inspiration, a simple recipe

A melee of hope, music, literature, sciences, and education

Effervescently I await the fruits of this year

But before I raise my glass to this good year

I would like to give a hand to the pariah of the group

Education, rather than school has made me the wiser

And now I tip my hat to you in hopes you will be engulfed by education also


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