A modest kind of happiness


What makes me happy?

Modest Mouse, its twists and turns and its popular paradoxes

My Aunt, her clarinet, and the life breath streaming through valves of gold.

What makes me happy?

Pain and pleasure, when both realities intertwined step on my ego,

Exercise, staring blankly at what's ahead.

I could list a million things,

But what about that which makes me unhappy?

Forget it!  So what about it!  Palms gazing the sky, I give in...

Nothing makes me happy,

Like a black hole,

Empty space.

Losing, to a certain extent, brings about a certain Joy,

And summer time, memories of a vibrant Love,

Music turned to its max,

And dancing with the goddess in turquoise,

I enjoy bobbing my head like a Ronald Reagan bobblehead to rhythmic drumming,

Happiness and sleeping are also intimately connected,

The internet hero keeps asking me what makes me happy!

And so, I offer my answer, in gratitude:

The word what,

and makes,

and me,

and happy,

They all make me happy,

Except "me",

Let's get to know you!

Let's swim through oceans of you and explore forests of rainbows,

Let's sing and dance to Modest Mouse and massage each other's lust,

It is the power of words, colors, and sounds which makes me happy.

Friend, older than me, bigger than me; play Smash Bros. with me,

And I will be happy.

If I think of one thing, like a Buddhist in meditation,

Which makes me happy,

It has got to be camping in Southern Illinois,

And the morning ritual of eating Lucky Charms.



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