The 5 letter root word we seek: Happy

What is it to be HAPPY?

Happy is...tears of success when you pass the finishline of run for cancer, knowing you changed lives with the simpelest step of getting off the couch to catch a swift breeze for 45 minutes...

Happy is.. the sight of a newborn being cradled by its guardian for the first time thanking heavens that tie time of laber has ended..

Happy is.. being rewarded with the grades that you fell asleep nose deep in the crease of a Physics book for...

Happy is.. giving thanks at Thanksgiving to the person who broke their pockets funding the feast that you are about to receive..Amen.

Happy is...Joy, Pain, Pay-off, Laughter, Support, Outwitting Evil, Overcoming!

Happy is...waking up every morning to a text, call, notification, joke, breakfast or even just a breath of new life for today is another day earned..

Happy is...claiming Confidence to your reflection before you start your day, and feeding your soul..

Happy is...  NETFLIX

Happiness is what you Allow it to Be...

So it's about time you allow yourself to be Happy Kiddo !, 

Most people think that it starts by Seeing Happiness or Feeling Happy... but it doesn't

Happiness saying Thank You, for no apparent reason.


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