A List


A warm and gentle rustling breeze, gently rustling through the trees,

Butterflies and bumble bees, a glass of milk and a grilled cheese.

What are the things that always please?

All these things and more than these.

Almond Joys and Milky Ways, a sky blue, cloudless, sunny day,

When things just seem to go your way, the last school bell at the end of May.

What sort of things can make my day?

To list them all would take all day.

Watching movies late at night, laundered bed sheets, soft and white,

Reading books ‘til morning light, making up after a fight.

In what things do I delight?

Can’t list them all, though try I might.

Winter break and juicy steak, ice cold drinks and fresh cheesecake,

Warm hot cocoa, white snowflakes, perfume samples you can take.

What things can soothe most any ache?

All these things, for goodness sakes.

Mac and cheese and autumn leaves, bandages on scraped-up knees,

The salty smell when you reach the seas, mashed potatoes and English peas

These are the things that always please,

All these things and more than these.



THIS IS SO AMAZING. Truly. You rock. Please keep writing and being a wonderful positive person. Love this poem.

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