I am alive, in my right mind

God gave me another day

I can walk, I can run, I can sing, I can pray all my problems away

Doubts and failures continue to run through my body

I have to focus on my goals, I can't depend on nobody

Life is what uplifts me, even though I'm constantly knocked down

I guess it motivates me to stand my ground

Life is what uplifts me, testing me all the while

Trying to teach me life lessons, trying to pull me from depression

Trying to make me more appreciative of my situations and circumstances

Pushing me to be thankful and reminding me of my blessings

Life is what uplifts me even when I can't handle anymore

My struggles, My insecurities and the flaws I can't ignore

I may scream, I may cry, Lord why me, why this life you have given me

Then He reminds me that this life cannot be lived by anyone else but me

So life is what uplifts me, making me greatful for another breath

Pushing me and telling me I have more to give I am not done yet



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