Enchanted Sound


Plano, TX
5900 Baywater Dr #1702
United States
33° 3' 16.0704" N, 96° 47' 56.1552" W

Do you hear that sound?

That beating pulse through the ground?

It has made some fall and has put some above all, but that's not why it makes me stand tall.

To the rhythm of my mind I have danced to find my kind.

Colors have twirled into my life, pique turning into ambient shades of light.

I bow to the drum and plié to the strum. I shout "thank you" and I'm not the only one.

Give me love? It gave me more. Give me music? It gave me galore.

I held the hands of strangers and did not feel the masque of danger.

We nodded our heads in agreement of bliss and the vibration of sound didn't hit a miss.

The room was dark but their hearts were not. So we danced all night and the music never stopped.


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